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Blending Source Footage for an Unconventional Music Video 

By Adam Jenkins, co-founder of Feedthewalrus

Music videos have always been a very strong passion of mine; in fact, I grew up totally addicted to them. I spent hours recording and watching every music video ever made. Which is it what inspired me to try and make a completely unconventional music video...

Americana Kamikaze 

By Ellen Lampert-Gréaux

Americana Kamikaze is a performance piece inspired by Japanese ghost stories that pushes the boundaries of theater by staging meditative vignettes in claustrophobic, boxlike structures that bridge the gap between cinema, live performance, and visual art...

Sony's Stereo-heavy NAB Push 

By Trevor Boyer

Last week I surveyed the major manufacturers of videocameras as NAB approaches and reported that as yet, Sony hadn't announced anything brand-new in advance of the show...

Canon EOS 1D Mark IV Perspective 

By Barry Braverman

The Canon EOS 1D Mark IV is a technological tour de force, in many ways unrivaled in its class...

Camera Time at NAB 2010  

By Trevor Boyer

If you're headed out to Las Vegas in a few short weeks, cameras are probably high on your list of gear to check out, whether or not you're a shooter/cinematographer...

Sony XDCAM EX PMW-350 Review 

By D.W. Leitner

Sometimes it seems as if little has changed in ENG-style camcorders since Sony introduced the first one-piece Betacam, the BVW-200, at NAB 1989...

Panasonic Plans NAB in 3D 

By Trevor Boyer

Today Panasonic hosted a group of journalists in a New York office to announce its NAB plans. Apparently half the company’s booth in Las Vegas will be devoted to 3D in some way, and it was no surprise that the AG-3DA1 dual-lensed prototype camcorder...

Element Technica 3D Camera Rig Beta Sight 

By Keith Collea, stereoscopic 3D supervisor, The Mortician 3D

3D movie-making has traditionally been a big-budget production, requiring twice as many cameras and twice as much film and data as 2D productions...

A Decade of Vanguards, #1 

By D.W. Leitner

Surveying the latest in digital cinematography cameras at NAB 2006, I wrote: "What they share in common is a single-CMOS sensor with Bayer color filter, PL-mount lenses, capture to non-video RAW files...

A Decade of Vanguards, #2 

By D.W. Leitner

CCDs are wonderful. Aside from an occasional stuck pixel, they have proven almost perfect imagers. Stable, reliable, no image burn. So why have CMOS sensors become the darlings of digital cinematography?...

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