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Shoot Tools: Sony 

By Charissa Young

Sony's switchable stereo/mono ECM-680S MS shotgun mic might let you avoid carrying multiple microphones into the field. ...

Shoot Tools: M. Klemme 

By Trevor Boyer

Wind is a major hindrance to capturing clean audio, as M. Klemme, the manufacturer of K-Tek boom poles, knows well. Shooters slide fuzzy windscreens onto microphones...

Shoot Tools: Ugrip 

By Trevor Boyer

Add enough accessories to a camcorder, and it starts resembling Frankenstein’s monster with loose cords and teetering parts. At NAB, Danish company Ugrip introduced its eponymous camera stabilization system...

Shoot Tools: M-Rock 

By Trevor Boyer

Extreme M-Rock For those of you with gear-lugging needs that change from day to day, M-Rock claims that its Extreme line of Square Gadget Bags provide...

Shoot Tools: Band Pro Film & Digital  

By Trevor Boyer

Manufactured by Carl Zeiss in Germany and marketed by Band Pro Film & Digital, DigiDiopters are designed for extreme close-ups or for wide shots with a shallow depth of field. They come in +1 and +2 magnification versions...

Shoot Tools: Fujifilm 

By Trevor Boyer

In time for NAB, Fujifilm introduced its new PD711, a 23.3GB Blu-ray disc designed for Sony XDCAM and XDCAM HD systems. Data transfer is standard for Blu-ray: 72Mbps for single heads and 144Mbps for dual. Certain hardware/software combos yield 86Mbps...

Shoot Tools: Petrol Bags 

By Trevor Boyer

For those fun shoots that literally require a hike to reach the location, Petrol Bags has designed its Cocoon backpack. The bag is padded in the breast and hip straps for comfortable carrying of your camcorder...

Shoot Tools: Mobile Studios 

By Trevor Boyer

Based around the For-A HVS-500HS Hanabi HD switcher, the MS7HD from Mobile Studios incorporates an input preview monitor, an audio mixer panel, and a flight pack to form a portable live video production unit....

Shoot Tools: Origin Labs  

By Trevor Boyer

As affordable as HD camcorders have become lately, many professional shooters' lenses are now more expensive than the imaging system behind them....

Shoot Tools: PAG 

By Trevor Boyer

New from London-based PAG, the V4-iPC battery charger fits four Li-Ion V-Mount batteries from either Sony or PAG. ...

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