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Apple Final Cut Pro 7: First Look Review 

By Jan Ozer

By now you know that Apple has launched an update to Final Cut Studio. Here's a look at the newest features....

Review: Apple Mac Pro 

By Jan Ozer

Apple was the first out of the gate with an Intel Nehalem-based workstation, in the form of the Mac Pro announced in early 2009...

The iPhone on Set 

By Barry Braverman

More and more of us have an Apple iPhone on our belts and in our purses...

Review: HP Z400 

By Jan Ozer

The HP Z400 is the entry-level computer in HP's new Nehalem-based line, with models starting as low as $969. That's compared to $1,679 for the midlevel Z600 and $1,999 for the high-end Z800...

Sign of the Times 

By D.W. Leitner

I recently had a production meeting with a young cameraman who owns a Sony PMW-EX3. In the course of getting to know one other, he asked me what it was like to shoot film, which he said he’d very much like to do one day...

Review: HP Z800 

By Jan Ozer

Sporting a completely redesigned case and Intel’s new Nehalem processor, the HP Z800 knocks the socks off HP’s existing workstation line...

Shoot Review: Sony HXR-MC1 

Reviewer: D. W. Leitner

Where others zig, Sony zags. In the past year, Sony has unleashed a flood of unconventional low-cost HD camcorder designs. Well, grab those galoshes again....

Shoot Expertise: First Look: Canon Vixia HF S10  

By D. W. Leitner

Canon, unique among camcorder manufacturers with its roots in optics instead of electronics, has always followed a singular path. It introduced 24p HDV...

Shoot Expertise: Bright Prospects for New Lighting  

By D. W. Leitner

New illumination technologies and lighting gear, as exciting as their potential may seem, always face prolonged vetting by a skeptical industry before...

Shoot Review: Panasonic AG-HMC150  

Reviewer: Jan Ozer

In stark contrast to earlier generations of AVCHD camcorders, by design and feature set, the AG-HMC150 is the first camcorder targeted squarely at the...

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