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Streaming to the Apple iPhone, Part 1 

By Jan Ozer

A funny thing happened on the way to the World Series this year. Specifically, in the first round of the playoffs, Major League Baseball Advanced Media served an average of 350,000 streams per game, with 36,000 streamed to the Apple iPhone...

Optimizing Encoding Performance with Apple Final Cut Pro, Part 2 

By Jan Ozer

If you have a multiple-processor computer, you can use Apple Qmaster to help spread the encoding load over those multiple processors, which can dramatically boost encoding performance...

Speedy Graphics at HD World 2009 

By Dan Ochiva

At HD World 2009, which was held in New York's Jacob K. Javits Convention Center Oct. 14-15, it was easy to miss the small PNY booth...

Leitner's Cinematography Corner, No. 3 

By D.W. Leitner

Exhibit B: the new PMW-350, a groundbreaking 2/3in. shoulder-mount EX-series camcorder that records to solid-state SxS cards...

Optimizing Encoding Performance with Apple Final Cut Pro, Part 1 

By Jan Ozer

We've had a fun time so far with this column, digging inside an Apple Mac Pro to install a Blu-ray recorder and benchmarking Snow Leopard...

Apple Snow Leopard for Video Producers, Part 2 

By Jan Ozer

In this issue, I share some benchmark tests with a Mac Pro and Mac Book Pro comparing Leopard (OS X 10.5) to Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6) in 32-bit and 64-bit modes...

Panasonic AG-HMC40 Review 

By Barry Braverman

From the outside, the Panasonic AG-HMC40 may seem to be just the latest budget entry in Panasonic's AVCCAM lineup, but don't be fooled. It offers remarkable bang for the buck...

JVC GY-HM700U Review 

By D.W. Leitner

Ordinarily I review cameras, not press releases. But JVC’s February press release announcing the “Compact Shoulder” GY-HM700U ProHD camcorder caught my eye in a number of ways...

Blu-ray Creation with the New Apple Final Cut Studio 

By Jan Ozer

This issue of Final Cut Pro Insider finds me—well, inside an Apple computer, appropriately enough, specifically to add a Blu-ray drive to a Mac Pro...

JVC GY-HM100U Review 

By D.W. Leitner

Recently, a filmmaker friend of mine confided to me on the eve of her trip to Baghdad that her 5lb. Sony HVR-Z1U would be too heavy for all-day use in the wilting temperatures of Mesopotamia...

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