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Vicon Bonita

Oct 16, 2009 12:00 PM, By Dan Ochiva

Less-expensive camera system from Vicon.

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Vicon Bonita

Flexible integration with third-party applications. Price: Upon request

Hollywood and national advertisers remain enamored of projects with lots of animation and special effects, so technologies such as motion capture find ready audiences for new gear.

That's one reason Vicon continues developing new camera systems: The developer of motion-capture products finds buyers even in the tightest markets. That's no reason not to lower prices, though, especially if you want to broaden your potential number of buyers. Many more facilities will be able to find a place in their budgets for Bonita, the British company's new-generation optical capture camera that offers the lowest system price yet for an eight-camera setup.

Capable of capturing 240fps of data while compact (a camera fits easily in the palm of your hand) for easy placement, the camera builds on some 25 years of development, according to Vicon CEO and President Doug Reinke, who says that while this is the company's smallest camera to date, it's accurate enough to capture with positional accuracy down to 1mm in a 13'x13' area.

Features include single Power over Ethernet (PoE) connection, variable focal length lens, and a ring of 68 high-powered LEDs. Bundled in is Tracker, Vicon's latest object tracking software with an optimized rigid body tracker to capture reliable data that is tolerant to occlusion of markers.

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