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Display Tools: Oppo Digital 

By Trevor Boyer

That highly compressed web video you're creating will eventually make its way to some high-definition screens. If that thought gives you pause, you might want to start checking...

Products: Canon 

By Dan Ochiva

Better images for smaller camcorders As a new generation of 1/3in.- and 1/2in.-CCD HDV camcorders come to market, manufacturers are fitting them with...

Products: Innovision Optics 

By Dan Ochiva

Specialty optics are new to smaller-format HDV camcorders. One of the first companies to address the market, Innovision Optics, recently introduced the HD Mini Probe,...

Iconix Video HD-RH1 POV Camera 

Iconix’ HD-RH1 POV camera system includes a very robust separate camera head and processing controller unit, as well as a 3.5lb. universal HDTV controller unit, making it ideal for use in houses of worship and surveillance applications...

Shoot Tools: Sachtler 

By Trevor Boyer

The Artemis DV Pro is a relatively new stabilization system for DV cameras. It's designed to be modular, and that includes the springset. A range of spring cartridges can support ...

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