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The Digital Content Producer network is a hub for the interactive exchange of information on technology, techniques and talent for film and video production and distribution. It brings together content creators, journalists, equipment manufacturers, educators and employers across the spectrum of film, television, and video production—for all applications and all screens. Alongside our editorial expertise, the DCP network offers a unique environment where industry professionals can take action and make connections—marketing tools, training and services including production talent, as well as original content. It is the perfect blend of content plus community.

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The goal of is to better and more cohesively serve the industry’s need for information, networking, self-marketing, collaboration, and more across all media platforms. As part of the DCP network, the thousands of people who use the services of Reel-Exchange and The Briefing Room have taught us a great deal about what our visitors need and prefer. Since its launch in April 2007, the award-winning has provided a community where industry professionals can market themselves, collaborate, be seen, and get work, as well as explore what other members are doing in techniques, products, and services. The Briefing Room puts site visitors in constant touch with news from around the industry, providing a place where select press representatives post the latest on product releases, merger and acquisition activities, product applications, and more several times a day.

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